Evolution of Cost Drivers in Auto Industry

by May 19th, 2016

Motor vehicle industry’s costs expanded at 6% CAGR during 2010-2015, with intra-industry and labour being the two largest cost drivers. Intra-industry costs in China accounted for nearly 50% of total costs in 2015 driven by investments into new car production capacity. Meanwhile Europe continued to have the largest labour costs globally. Despite high cost operating […]


Automobilių pramonė – sėkmė nepaisant skandalų

by March 4th, 2016

Pozityvūs rezultatai Vokietijoje 2015 metai Vokietijos automobilių pramonei buvo sėkmingi. Vokietijos automobilių gamintojų asociacija skelbia, kad 2015 m. Vokietijoje iš viso pagaminta 5.7 milijono lengvųjų automobilių. Tai 2% daugiau nei 2014 m. Didžioji dalis automobilių buvo eksportuota į užsienio rinkas. Pagal Vokietijos automobilių gamintojų asociacijos duomenis, 2015 m. eksportas sudarė 4.4 milijono naujų automobilių. Tai […]


Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEVs) Sales Stumbled in the US, But Are Poised for Recovery

by March 3rd, 2016

Until 2015, the US was the largest market for plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs), recording double-digit sales growth every year since 2010. But in 2015 sales volume dropped for the first time since electric vehicles were introduced. Rise of turbocharged engines along with low fuel prices discouraged drivers from choosing range-limited PEVs in 2015. Nevertheless, PEV […]


Worried Car Manufacturers Provide Great Toy Licensing Opportunities

by February 28th, 2016

Since the 2009 recession there has been growing concern among car manufacturers that car ownership is losing its appeal with millennials and will continue declining in subsequent generations. The car industry saw an increasingly frugal consumer base that viewed cars as an unnecessary luxury, rather than an aspirational product and passing those values onto their […]


Australia’s Automotive Fortunes Assured in the Short Term but Disruptors to the Long-term Potential are Many

by January 7th, 2016

A combination of low interest rates and oil prices, employment gains and healthy economic growth are boosting Australia’s automotive fortunes in the short term. Australian consumers also continue to defect to versatile vehicles such as SUVs in their droves which is supporting replacement demand. The likelihood of rising oil prices and interest rates and an […]