Japanese Megatrends

by , , , , , and January 8th, 2017

  There are always a variety of factors and drivers influencing the industries Euromonitor researches and analyses. In Japan, there are key, transformative megatrends that cut across a variety of industries. It’s key that manufacturers and retailers around the world recognize these megatrends, as they will have an impact now and in the future. Watch […]

Unlocking Growth in the Indian Consumer Goods Market

by January 6th, 2017

Consumer expenditure remained muted and growth was sluggish for several of the mainstream categories including packaged food, beauty & personal care and soft drinks.  Despite theses struggles a few companies bucked the slowdown and emerged above this. Our India industry research analysts have picked a few companies and detailed their findings on what they were […]

China Smart Consumer Appliances Growing in Popularity

by January 4th, 2017

With the increasingly fast pace of modern life, more domestic consumers are seeking to reduce time spent on household chores. Smart consumer appliances are thus growing in popularity among local households, with more Wi-Fi connected products that allow for remote control being introduced. Refrigeration appliances, home laundry appliances, air treatment products and rice cookers are […]

Christmas Shopping Trends 2016

by December 13th, 2016

Holiday shopping is in full swing. High traffic provides prime opportunities to capture consumer attention and garner brand loyalty; however, as purchase behaviours shift, new consumerism alters priorities and value conscious consumption dictates decisions. Euromonitor International analysts look at the Christmas trends across different industries and countries. SHOPPING TRENDS ACROSS INDUSTRIES – Quest for innovation […]