Going Green: Green Week 2017

by May 17th, 2017

April saw Euromonitor’s 5th annual global Green Week. The week aims to raise awareness of green issues and encourage staff to think about their behaviours and the environmental impacts that they have. The week takes place in each of our 12 global offices with some really exciting initiatives taking place. “Whilst we were picking trash, […]

Iranian Presidential Elections – Impact on Consumer Markets

by May 16th, 2017

The Iranian presidential elections will set the stage for what role the government will play in the fast-changing global economy, with the country’s domestic governance significantly impacting the pace of growth of the various consumer industries. In particular, the finalisation of the nuclear deal in 2016 has opened the country for global trade, offering new […]

Insights from Food Vision Asia 2017

by May 16th, 2017

Following the first Food Vision Asia last year, this year’s was once again attended by Euromonitor International. This article will cast the spotlight on alternative sources of protein again, an indication that it is an up-and-coming trend here to stay. The other industry developments discussed were product reformulation and fortification. Relooking into the nutrients and […]

What’s New in Pet Care in 2017?

by May 15th, 2017

The pet care industry is expected to achieve good growth in 2017, with a 2% rise expected in constant 2017 value terms. Pet owners are continuing to establish strong bonds with their pets, with pets becoming companions, friends or ersatz children. This humanisation phenomenon may not be new, but it has been driving the industry. […]

Industry 4.0: China to Challenge Germany in Race for Industry 4.0 Adoption

by May 13th, 2017

The Chinese government recently released implementation guidelines for the “Made in China 2025” strategy. The guidelines outline the Chinese manufacturing sector refurbishment, emphasising innovations-based production, which should lift the country into a higher value-added economy. The strategy, which is in essence similar to Germany’s economy digitisation “Industrie 4.0” programme, creates one of the largest rivalries to […]

Petfood Forum 2017: Addressing the Challenges of Pet Humanisation

by May 12th, 2017

From 3-5 April, 2017, more than 2,700 people converged in Kansas City, Missouri for the 25th annual Petfood Forum conference. Attendees and speakers spanned the entire industry – from ingredients and machinery companies to manufacturers, marketers, retailers and academics. Despite this diversity, much of the discussion at the event centred around one theme: how can […]

New Alcoholic Drinks Industry Research Shows Negative Growth for Second Consecutive Year

by May 11th, 2017

Global Market research provider Euromonitor International released new alcoholic drinks research. According to the newly released data, in 2016 the global alcoholic drinks market remained inebriated at the proverbial wheel, staying in negative territory for a second year running and following hot on the hills of its first slump in more than a decade back […]

Retailing Trends: Shopping Via Voice

by May 10th, 2017

Voice-activated assistants are programs that are designed to work with existing digital devices to perform tasks prompted by voice commands. Although their impact in the retailing landscape is still in its nascent stage, they are likely to create new opportunities for retailers in the near future. As voice-activated assistants’ existing features are honed and new […]