Emerging Trends Threaten Pet Specialty Retailers and Decades of Growth: Euromonitor Partners with Petfood Forum

by February 22nd, 2017

A Dramatic Acceleration for e-Commerce While internet retailing in pet care has been slower to develop than other categories like electronics or appliances, it took a major step forward in 2016. Growth was particularly strong in dog and cat food, which has traditionally trailed pet products like medications or supplies in terms of online penetration. […]

Automation and the Future of Work

by February 20th, 2017

The discourse on automation is gaining momentum as A.I. and robotics become increasingly sophisticated, emulating tasks initially performed by humans. This is transforming workplaces as more jobs get automated with strong implications for both governments and entrepreneurs. Automation will have an impact on the competitive landscape for businesses, while governments are likely to be faced […]

The Three Key Factors Driving the Green Economy

by February 20th, 2017

Growing threats to sustainability is leading both governments and businesses to explore different elements of the green economy including renewable energy and green technology. As the green economy gains traction, it is important for all stakeholders to understand the key factors driving it as they are relevant for policy making and determining the future business models. […]

The USA: Dismantling NAFTA to Raise the Price of Automobiles

by February 19th, 2017

The current talk about President Trump renegotiating the NAFTA deal is particularly placing the automotive industry under the spotlight since a large number of the automobiles sold in the USA are made in Mexico. Dismantling NAFTA could compel some of the automobile manufacturers to relocate their production facilities to the USA, thus having to forsake the […]

Thailand: A Rapidly Ageing Populace will Continue to Undermine the Economy’s Growth Potential

by February 19th, 2017

Thailand’s population is ageing at a much faster pace than its regional peers. This will aggravate the labour shortage issue the country currently faces and put pressure on public finances, via higher pension outlays and lower tax revenues. Furthermore, a generally poor rate of savings, an inadequate pension system along with Thailand’s culture, requiring families […]

Reduced Sugar Energy Drinks Might Be Succeeding Where Diet CSDs Have Failed

by February 18th, 2017

One of the long-standing growth trends in global soft drinks has been the poor performance of the reduced sugar carbonates (CSD) segment. Caused primarily by decline in North America, where per capita consumption of low calorie CSD is historically higher and the category has been especially weak, reduced or zero sugar CSDs have generally (excepting outliers like […]

The Impact of the New Administrative Measures on the China Consumer Health Market

by February 17th, 2017

The latest Administrative Measures of Health Food Registration and Filing, issued by the CFDA to accord with the newly revised Food Safety Law in China, were enforced from 1 July 2016, to replace the interim version enforced since July 2005. The new Administrative Measures regulate that only the CFDA accepts the registration applications for new […]