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New Concepts in Fashion Retailing

by April 26th, 2017

Euromonitor International is pleased to partner with WWD Retail 20 / 20 Forum London and will be releasing a report on ‘New Concepts in Fashion Retailing’ on May 1st 2017.  As hyperconnected consumers disregard the conventions of traditional retail, fashion players are increasingly looking to experiential shopping and personalisation to attract consumers’ attention. As digital retailers are […]

Childrenswear: A Key Driver for the Global Licensing Industry

by April 25th, 2017

As I explore in our “Global Licensing Trends in Children’s Apparel and Footwear” Global Briefing, characters dominate children’s fashion licensing as the majority of these franchises target children. After children pass the age of eight, other licensing types provide fiercer competition to character licensing including fashion, music, celebrity and sports. Outerwear is the largest licensed […]

H&M Newly Launched Brand Arket

by March 30th, 2017

H&M announced on Thurday 30th March the launch of a new brand rooted in “style beyond trend.” Bernadette Kissane, apparel and footwear analyst at Euromonitor International, comments: “The announcement of H&M’s new brand Arket comes at an interesting time. While the company has been teasing consumers with the potential launch of a new brand for a while […]

Solving the Challenge of Fit in the Digital Marketplace in Fashion: Interview with Stuart Simms, CEO of Fits Me

by March 17th, 2017

High return rates have long been a major pain point for online fashion retailers, and fit-related returns cost companies millions in lost revenue, shipping and processing costs and threaten their long-term profitability. In this interview, Stuart Simms, CEO of Fits Me, talks to Euromonitor International about how the fashion industry is evolving from the era of […]

Fashion Retail 20/20: New Concepts and Retailing Trends

by February 22nd, 2017

with Bernadette Kissane, Apparel and Footwear Research Analyst at Euromonitor International and Arthur Zaczkiewicz, Executive Editor of Strategic Content Development at WWD The apparel and footwear industry as a whole has moved into a continuous stream of products. Fast fashion has disrupted traditional buying cycles, while consumer behaviour has shifted to prioritise technology and experience […]

New Concepts in Fashion Retailing: Digital Developments

by February 8th, 2017

Euromonitor International is pleased to partner with WWD Retail 20/20 Forum: London. Prior to that event, we will be running a joint webinar looking at new retailing trends in the fashion industry. In an effort to keep pace with consumer demand and capture the attention of millennials, fashion retailers are becoming more innovative with their retailing strategies. […]

The Future Direction of Athleisure and Luxury Apparel

by , and March 2nd, 2017

Thursday, March 2nd, 2017 at 9 a.m. CST / 3 p.m. GMT There is speculation that consumers are losing interest in athleisure, raising questions over the industry’s future and direction. How can apparel and luxury brands use this downturn as an opportunity to recapture consumers’ attention, capitalize on changing demands and strengthen the Lux-leisure trend? […]

Euromonitor to Partner with WWD Retail 20/20 Forum: London 2017

by February 2nd, 2017

Euromonitor International is pleased to partner with WWD Retail 20/20 Forum: London. On April 25th, 2017, join 200+ global brand and retail executives in London, as physical and digital retail converge. WWD is expanding the footprint of their one day Forum as industry experts will explore new ways to attract and engage consumers and inspire […]

Press Briefing: What Next for Athleisure and How Luxury is Stepping It Up

by January 15th, 2017

Date: Thursday 9th February 2017 Time: 8:30am – 11am Location: 60-61 Britton Street, London, EC1M 5UX Register your interest to attend Euromonitor International’s luxury and apparel press briefing. The presentation will address the current state of the global athleisure market showcasing exclusive data and analysis on our apparel and footwear industry. The presentation will also show the […]