Alcoholic Drinks

Webinar: Beyond Standard Lager: Can Beer Alternatives Boost Sales?

by October 24th, 2014

With stagnant developed beer markets and increasingly competitive emerging market entry, brewers must create innovative products to increase sales and meet evolving drinking habits. In this webinar, Amin Alkhatib discusses how to uncover opportunities by expanding your company’s portfolio to include alternative beer types. You will learn: How product diversification can counter declining volume sales […]

Watch a Free Webinar Recording: Alcoholic Drinks in 2013 – The Recovery and the Macroeconomic Balancing Act

by June 20th, 2013

The global volume growth of Alcoholic Drinks in 2012 was a carbon copy of 2011, underpinned by emerging markets, particularly China. The majority of mature, developed markets continued to decline as well. The reality of the marketplace, however, is much more complex. Given this environment, delivering growth is a balancing act, and Euromonitor International’s Alcoholic Drinks […]

Webinar Recording: Alcoholic Drinks Overview – An Intoxicating Yet Half Empty Glass

by February 9th, 2012

Given this state of affairs, what strategies can best confront the myriad opportunities and challenges facing alcoholic drinks companies? Looking ahead, how will best and worst case economic scenarios impact alcoholic drinks prospects? In its latest webinar, Euromonitor International investigates the impact of deteriorating global economic prospects to alcoholic drinks sales, examining the general state […]

Webinar Recording: Global Alcoholic Drinks – The Slump, the Rebound and the New Normal

by December 2nd, 2010

Now that the global economy is improving, is the alcoholic drinks industry also on the path to recovery? In this webinar, Euromonitor International will investigate how the industry is performing now that the global economy has staged a better-than-expected recovery in 2010. We will examine the general state of the market and provide insight on […]

Webinar Recording: Global Drinking Habits – Share of Throat and Wallet

by February 25th, 2010

Our experts will identify developing and untapped markets with potential, examine challenges in  developed markets in the upcoming years, highlight cola vs. non cola trends and look at consumption patterns globally and regionally that are impacting the category. Globally, there is no doubt Coca-Cola and PepsiCo lead the way, though in many categories local brands […]