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Industry and Consumer Trends Surrounding Spring in Japan

by , , , , and April 10th, 2016

  Springtime in Japan is marked by Hanami, or flower-viewing parties in Japan. It also marks an important time of year for Japanese manufacturers, consumers and industries. Learn more about how tourism, travel, beverages, foods, beauty, fashion, home appliances, technology, and Japan’s economy itself are impacted by springtime in the country. Watch on YouTube


Key Findings from Brewer’s Annual Reports

by March 24th, 2016

Beer volume growth remains flat in developed markets, with Heineken an exception to this general trend. The company’s two-pronged approach – premiumisation and Latin-inspired beers -helped appeal to the younger market and therefore gain sales. In fact, the premium offers of major companies helped counteract the impact from declining markets. Both Carlsberg and AB Inbev […]


Asahi’s Acquisition of A-B Inbev’s Brands Indicative of Future

by February 15th, 2016

  Asahi’s acquisition of the Peroni, Grolsch and Meantime brands is the latest step in A-B Inbev’s plan in dealing with the regulatory difficulties amassed from taking over SABMiller. Although it seems that Asahi has overpaid for the brands, the price indicates the scarcity of the brands and Asahi’s willingness to expand outside of its […]


Cervezas importadas en América Latina: entre el fetiche y la realidad

by February 9th, 2016

Las empresas cerveceras en América Latina usan consistentemente una estrategia de bajo riesgo: incorporar marcas extranjeras a su oferta premium. Usando su capacidad de producción instalada y la reputación de una marca internacional, han agregado cervezas que en su país de origen no pertenecen al grupo de alta gama, sino que se comercializan en el […]