Euromonitor to Speak at WTM Africa 2017

by April 5th, 2017

Event Name: WTM Africa Date: 19 April 2017 Location: Cape Town Link to Event: Event Description: Exciting things about the event Speaker: Christy Tawii, Senior Research Analyst Session Title: Key Trends in Tourism in Africa Session Description: The African region is increasingly becoming a popular destination owing to growing interest in many industries. This […]

Top 3 Mortgage Growth Markets in 2017: Egypt, Algeria and Nigeria

by March 15th, 2017

Euromonitor International has identified the top three markets globally in 2017 by fastest growth in mortgaged households. They are Egypt, Algeria and Nigeria. Emerging markets dominate the rankings of the fastest growing mortgage markets, with the top 19 growth countries all developing economies. In particular, the Africa and Middle East regions are home finance hotspots, as […]

Nigeria Households: Rapid Urbanisation Drives Single-Person Homes

by March 12th, 2017

Nigerian households are experiencing some of the fastest urbanisation rates in the world, as workers are flocking to expanding first- and second-tier cities across the country. This is creating a large and growing number of single-person households, largely inhabited by males. However, many Nigerian homes are also extremely crowded, as large families squeeze into small […]

Top 5 Bottom of the Pyramid Markets: Diverse Spending Patterns and Future Potential

by March 4th, 2017

Euromonitor International has identified India, Nigeria, China, Indonesia and South Africa as the top five bottom of the pyramid (BOP) markets. This selection was based on the evaluation of the BOP in total number of adults living on an annual disposable income below US$5,000 (on a purchasing power parity, PPP, basis) and a net wealth of […]

Future of Logistics: Algeria, Kenya and Angola Offer Best Opportunities in Africa

by February 26th, 2017

The largest revenue sources for logistics providers are retailers and wholesalers. Naturally, with traditional retailing witnessing a slowdown globally, trade and logistics companies are looking for new frontiers for their business growth. As Africa is anticipated to be among the leaders in retail growth rates many companies are aiming to enter and expand in this […]

Economies in 2017: Top 10 African Cities for Growth in 2017

by February 11th, 2017

The African continent in 2017 is expected to house some of the world’s fastest growing cities. This is largely thanks to an array of factors including the abundance of natural resources, increasing levels of foreign direct investment (FDI), a young population and the growth in internet penetration rates. Yet in light of the rapid rate […]

South African Consumer Markets Faced with Uncertainty In Spite of Recent Reprieve from Credit Downgrade

by December 13th, 2016

With much relief, South Africa sighs as Standard & Poor’s maintains its sovereign credit rating of the country’s foreign-currency debt at BBB-. This however does not take away from the precarious position that the country faces both economically and politically, with a tough road ahead in terms of economic growth and structural reform. Using the […]

Sub-Saharan Africa’s Next Growth Champions

by October 10th, 2016

A recently published white paper by Euromonitor International reveals dynamic growth shifting from the region’s mature consumer markets in South African metropolises to the urban areas in other Sub-Saharan countries. Soaring population growth and improving purchasing power will strengthen the consumer market potential in the cities across the region. Learn more about some of the […]

Fashion Friday: The Path to Purchase Beauty and Personal Care Products the Middle East and Africa

by and August 26th, 2016

Premium beauty and personal care is driven by the middle and upper-income groups in the Middle East and Africa, but also by aspirational consumers who are looking to align themselves to premium brands and therefore status. This is especially true in the countries such as the United Arab Emirates, where upwards of 90 percent of […]