Three Reasons Why Japan Is Falling Behind in Mobile Commerce

by April 22nd, 2017

Many see Japan as a technology leader in various industries and the country is continuing to develop innovative solutions in the digital space. However, if we look at adoption of technology on the consumer side, there is greater inconsistency than might be expected. Euromonitor International’s 2016 Digital Consumer Index unveiled a remarkable gap between Japan’s […]

Japanese Megatrends

by , , , , , and January 8th, 2017

  There are always a variety of factors and drivers influencing the industries Euromonitor researches and analyses. In Japan, there are key, transformative megatrends that cut across a variety of industries. It’s key that manufacturers and retailers around the world recognize these megatrends, as they will have an impact now and in the future. Watch […]

Highlights from the Euromonitor International and Retail Asia Top 500 Rankings

by , , , , and July 4th, 2016

  Euromonitor International is pleased to once again partner with Retail Asia as the official information provider for the 13th edition of the Retail Asia-Pacific Top 500 rankings. In this video, Euromonitor analysts in the Asia-Pacific region provide insights into the retailing industry in their specific countries of research. This ranking uncovers increasing demand for […]

The Connected Consumer Chat: Top Trends in Remote Commerce

by , , , , , , , , and April 29th, 2016

  The remote purchase environment continues to drive the m-commerce story line, with consumers increasingly shifting from computers to mobile devices when researching and making purchases. In 2015, for example, Chinese consumers purchased more from mobile devices than computers for the first time ever. This trend will continue in other markets in the near future. […]

Industry and Consumer Trends Surrounding Spring in Japan

by , , , , and April 10th, 2016

  Springtime in Japan is marked by Hanami, or flower-viewing parties in Japan. It also marks an important time of year for Japanese manufacturers, consumers and industries. Learn more about how tourism, travel, beverages, foods, beauty, fashion, home appliances, technology, and Japan’s economy itself are impacted by springtime in the country. Watch on YouTube