Alcoholic Drinks – July 2015 Overview of New Product Launches

by August 8th, 2015

This monthly summary highlights the most interesting product launches in July, with a focus on the direction the alcoholic drinks industry is taking in terms of innovative developments. Wine: Blue Sky Thinking In A Bottle? Relative stability breeds complacency and inertia. Still light grape wine, notoriously conservative to begin with, has enjoyed a largely jubilant […]

Indonesia: Prohibition in Paradise?

by April 21st, 2015

The rising spectre of neo-prohibitionary rhetoric and legislation is claiming a fresh casualty: Indonesia. Following the introduction of restrictive policies in a widening number of markets ranging from Turkey to Russia and from advertising restrictions to distribution barriers, the paradisiacal archipelago is joining the ranks of emerging markets falling from -the alcoholic drinks industry’s- grace. […]

Beer in 2015: 4 Key Trends

by March 11th, 2015

Peak Craft? This most irreverent of segments is switching its bohemian attire for a smart casual look as the corporate suits attempt to dress down for the occasion. And it’s getting crowded in there. As the explosive adolescent years are now behind and the craft proposition is coming of age, its inevitable convergence with big […]