Brexit: Impact on Global Economies

by August 22nd, 2016

As the uncertainty surrounding a Brexit from the European Union (EU) rumbles on, the Economies team examine the potential implications of Brexit from the Business Dynamics, Cities, Economy and Industrial angles. Insights include a sharp recession on the horizon in the event of a disorderly Brexit, architectural services to be hit hard, the future of […]

To Brexit or not to Brexit? More Uncertainty for the Global Economy

by February 22nd, 2016

Following negotiations by the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, for special status within the European Union (EU), the government has announced a historic “in-out” referendum will take place on 23rd June 2016. Deep divisions within the ruling party itself have revealed the extent of uncertainty surrounding the future of the UK within the EU and […]

China Ends One-Child Policy: Why Now?

by October 29th, 2015

China’s one-child policy since 1979 has resulted in a unique population profile that sets it apart from most other emerging countries, namely that it is facing a demographic time-bomb because of rapid ageing, before the country has reached developed economy status. The decision by the government in October to end the policy and allow all […]