Beverage Trends at the NRA Show 2017

by May 25th, 2017

  Euromonitor recently attended the NRA Show, hosted by the National Restaurant Association and observed several key trends in beverages at the show. Many of the beverage trends are directly tied to consumers drinking less soda. Sparkling water, low-sugar drinks and natural sodas were all prevalent at the show. High end coffees and teas were […]

Can Lavazza Transform Into A Global Coffee Player Without Diluting Its Core Values?

by May 21st, 2017

There has been much attention paid to Starbucks’ ambitious plans to finally enter the Italian market. The company has long viewed Italy as forbidden territory because of Italians’ strong national pride in their coffee culture, but finally decided to take the leap on the wager that younger Italians are less particular than their elders and […]

Keurig’s Dominance Is Proving a Hindrance To Pod Coffee Expansion in North America

by April 23rd, 2017

Prior to about 2009, one cannot really speak of a“global” market for coffee pods, because the market was so heavily centralized in Western Europe that Switzerland by itself had more annual sales than the entire developing world. However, in the relatively short amount of time since then, Europe has fallen in share to less than […]

Rising Obesity Rates in the Gulf States Create an Opportunity for Health-Positioned Beverages

by January 22nd, 2017

Obesity is a growing concern in many nations in the Middle East, especially in the area surrounding the Persian Gulf. In the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nearly a third of adults are now obese and diabetes and other weight-related diseases are becoming serious public health issues. While there are a number of […]