Future of Logistics: Is India Succeeding in Bridging the Infrastructure Gap?

by May 9th, 2017

India‘s ambitious Make In India programme, to boost local manufacturing, coupled with the rapidly growing retail sector and exponentially growing demand for logistics services are inevitably placing infrastructure improvements at the top of priority lists for successful economic development. Infrastructure inefficiency remains India’s main issue that the country is feverishly struggling to overcome. India has made solid […]

Future of Logistics: Algeria, Kenya and Angola Offer Best Opportunities in Africa

by February 26th, 2017

The largest revenue sources for logistics providers are retailers and wholesalers. Naturally, with traditional retailing witnessing a slowdown globally, trade and logistics companies are looking for new frontiers for their business growth. As Africa is anticipated to be among the leaders in retail growth rates many companies are aiming to enter and expand in this […]

Logistics Providers May Turn Around after Difficult 2015

by November 13th, 2016

2015 was a difficult year for logistics providers as global revenue declined by 5 percent. At the core of the decline was the slowdown in the global manufacturing sector and continuing slowdown of the retail and wholesale sectors. However, accelerating Asia-Pacific economies and recovering manufacturing in Western Europe should help turn the logistics sector around. […]

Key Trends in Industry for 2016

by , , , , and April 19th, 2016

  This year, Euromonitor International is proud to announce global briefings as part of its Passport Industrial research database. The research includes nine industries such as pharmaceuticals, railways, banking and pesticides. In this video, our industrial team identifies key trends in their areas of research for 2016. Watch on YouTube