Where Is Online Shopping For Consumer Appliances Headed (Part 2)

by January 5th, 2017

The popularity of online shopping for consumer appliances continues. With new research findings released in November 2016, internet retailing for consumer appliances posted global growth of 7% in 2016, the highest amongst all distribution channels. While physical stores continued to rake in the highest sales, there continues to be sharp transition to online shopping. In […]

Midea’s Acquisition of Toshiba’s Consumer Appliance Division

by March 22nd, 2016

Chinese appliance maker Midea recently purchased a majority share in Toshiba’s home appliance division. Compared to other appliance leaders, Midea had already been collaborating with Toshiba since 1993, and the move fits in with Midea’s overall corporate strategy. The acquisition gives Midea a foothold in western markets and overall global expansion, and the company will […]

Non-store Appliance Retail Growing with Omni-channel Shopping

by March 15th, 2016

  Non-store retailing accounted for 18% of global consumer appliances’ volume sales in 2015. The popularity of internet retailing has increased while the home shopping channel has seen a decline as consumers purchase appliances online with information from TV. With consumers’ purchase factors are crucial choosing where to buy appliances, omnichannel trends are encouraging consumers […]

New Consumer Appliances Research: Key Highlights in 2016 Edition

by November 13th, 2015

Euromonitor International’s Consumer Appliances 2016 edition is now live on Passport, with the latest research revealing changes in regional and category performances compared to 12 months earlier. Globally, the consumer appliances market is expected to grow by 2% in retail volume terms in 2015, a slowdown compared to 2014, driven by massive declines in Eastern […]

Premium War Within Refrigeration Appliances

by August 2nd, 2015

As one of the highest priced products within consumer appliances, manufacturers’ investment in refrigeration appliances is inevitable, in a bid to grow margins. Unfortunately, what greets them is a global market that is mature and heavily penetrated. Refrigeration appliances is projected to post a 3% volume CAGR over 2014-2019, which is lower than average for […]