Digitise to Humanise: What Can the Beauty Industry Learn from Sephora?

by March 11th, 2017

A paradox it may seem, but trading-in the humble human for digital prowess in order to heighten engagement and a personalised service, has given beauty specialist retailer Sephora that industry-coveted je ne sais quoi. So whilst buzzwords like authenticity continue to plague the conversation in beauty, how is Sephora’s powerful digital undercurrent carrying it to […]

Income and Wealth Distribution Exposes the Market Potential of Fast-Fashion Beauty

by February 1st, 2017

A recently published global briefing entitled Colour Cosmetics Make a Bid for Staple Status: New Growth Concepts Drive Demand explores how in an era of upheaval in colour cosmetics, new genres of brands are disrupting the marketplace with their nimble networking and ability to instantly gratify. Over in the merciless and vast mass arena, fashion for […]

Euromonitor International Interview Series: Dharmash Mistry, CEO and Co-Founder of blow LTD

by December 7th, 2016

Euromonitor International is pleased to present an interview with Dharmash Mistry, CEO and Co-Founder of blow LTD, the UK’s leading on-demand beauty provider, delivering expert beauty services to the door. With the sharing economy continuing to dominate conversation in business and beyond, the beauty industry has been one of the last revolutions when it comes […]

How Far Can the Sharing Economy Go in Disrupting the Beauty Industry: Part 1

by October 1st, 2016

From poster-child Airbnb opening its doors to the masses, to the more obscure practice of food sharing at LeftoverSwap, the sharing economy has left no industry unturned. Also known as the collaborative economy, it is fuelled by a shift in consumer priorities, including an experience-led culture and a growing inclination towards lightweight living, as well as the increasing […]

Euromonitor to Speak at ACI’s Trends in Colour Cosmetics 2016

by September 30th, 2016

ACI’s Trends in Colour Cosmetics Date: November 30-December 1st, 2016 Location: London, UK EMI Speaker: Hannah Symons, Beauty and Personal Care Research Analyst The Presentation Date: Wednesday November 30, 2016 at 10 am Reinventing global colour cosmetics through novel growth concepts Regional diversity in demand and key category prospects Shifting the balance between luxury and […]