Emerging Market Champions: Chinese vs Indian Cities – Where Do the Differences Lie?

by May 18th, 2017

The narrative which speaks of India and China leading global growth in the long term, consistent with the ‘Asian Century’ trend which suggests the increasing dominance of Asian economies in economic affairs over the 21st Century, has been widely voiced. Nonetheless, inherent differences are present between the two countries, especially when looking through the lens […]

Urban Core Revival: City of Manchester’s Population Growth Continues to Impress

by March 30th, 2017

Some cities around the world are beginning to buck the long established trend of suburban living as discussed in the recently published Strategy Briefing, Urban Core Revival: Drivers, In-Depth Look at Cities and Implications for Businesses. Among UK cities, this tendency is most evident in Manchester’s core urban area (City of Manchester) which grew seven times […]

Economies in 2017: Top 10 African Cities for Growth in 2017

by February 11th, 2017

The African continent in 2017 is expected to house some of the world’s fastest growing cities. This is largely thanks to an array of factors including the abundance of natural resources, increasing levels of foreign direct investment (FDI), a young population and the growth in internet penetration rates. Yet in light of the rapid rate […]

Cities of the Future: Fastest Growing ‘Megacities to be’ are in India

by January 25th, 2017

Megacities— metropolitans with populations in excess of 10 million inhabitants concentrate significant economic weight in their respective countries. Our Passport Cities database predicts the future Indian megacities of Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai to record the fastest rate of real GDP growth over 2016-2030. The above mentioned cities, whilst still not home to 10 million inhabitants […]

How Urban Transport Shapes Consumer Lifestyles: A Case for Congested and Polluted Cities

by November 12th, 2016

Congestion and air pollution have long been the source of countless problems in urban societies – from deterring investment to increasing the occurrence of chronic respiratory ailments. In an age synonymous with rapid technological innovation, smart urban solutions are laying the foundation for new mobility options. Many developed cities are aiming to transform their traditional […]