Euromonitor to Speak at 8th Annual dbAccess Asia Conference

by April 17th, 2017

Event Name: 8th Annual dbAccess Asia Conference Date: May 15th- 19th Location: Marina Bay Sands Resort & Casino, Singapore Event Description: dbAccess Asia is the region’s leading investor forum bringing together more than 230 leading Asian and international companies and over 1,700 Asia and global investors. This year, the conference will feature presentations by world-renowned thought-leaders […]

Hisense Group: Another Chinese Manufacturer to Watch

by February 3rd, 2017

During CES 2017, hosted in January 2017, in addition to its latest laser television products, Hisense showcased its newest connected fridge freezers, built with built-in voice control capability, which can receive user voice commands. They can also interact with users to recommend dishes based on scanned available food ingredients found in them and family members’ health […]

Internet Retailing Services to Play Critical Role in Key Connected Appliances Adoption

by November 27th, 2016

  Euromonitor International research shows that 30 million units of connected appliances will be sold globally in 2016. In order to open up global growth, internet retailers will have to start catering to consumers who wish to purchase connected appliances. Appliances manufacturers should expand internet retailing options provided on their appliances for competitive differentiation to […]

Samsung to Acquire Viv Labs

by and October 6th, 2016

Samsung announced this week about its decision to acquire Viv Labs founded by Siri creators, to accelerate its development in artificial intelligence. With Viv’s advantages over Apple’s Siri and other voice control assistants, Samsung will increase its global competitiveness in connected home and drive greater synergies between its electronics and appliances business. Download as an […]

Midea’s Moves in Connected Appliances Development and Suggested Next Steps

by September 20th, 2016

Realising the great opportunities offered by the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0, Midea Group Co Ltd has established a “dual-smart” corporate strategy to develop connected appliances in the direction of smart appliances and connected manufacturing in 2015. Although LG Corp and Samsung Corp are still leading global connected appliances development, Chinese rivals, including […]

Connected Appliances Should Address Consumers’ Need with Pricing Strategies

by June 1st, 2016

  It is advisable for the price premium of a connected appliance to be matched with the benefits accumulated over its replacement cycle to consumers. Benefits in tangible values, such as energy savings, can be quantified, whereas convenience can be measured by price sensitivity surveys as a guide for pricing. Manufacturers should strengthen collaboration with […]

Connected Appliances Should Address Consumers’ Need – Part I: Development Strategy

by May 10th, 2016

  The lack of common standards among manufacturers is making it difficult for consumers to operate smart appliances at home. For example, some smart appliances voice control functions cannot accurately recognize accents. The development of too many features is also driving up the price of connected appliances. In the future, manufacturers should follow a modular […]