Households in 2030: Rise of the Singletons

by March 20th, 2017

Single-person households will become a major consumption group Households populated by one person are skyrocketing around the world. Over 2016–2030, single-person households will see faster growth than any other household type globally, with around 120 million new single person homes to be added over the period. This demographic is being driven by younger singles exchanging […]

Euromonitor to Speak at Food&Beverage Innovation Conference 2017

by March 19th, 2017

Event Name: Food&Beverage Innovation Conference Event Location: Shanghai, China Event Date: April 12-13 2017 Speaker: Xiaoqin Lin, Account Executive Event description: Adhering to the concept of “Open Innovation, Holistic Design Innovation and Disruptive Innovation”, FOODAILY Innovation Committee collects more than 1000 oversea innovation products which covers beverage, dairy, bakery, snack, confectionary & chocolate and food […]

China’s Impact in Global Economy and Consumers in 2017

by March 17th, 2017

Euromonitor recently published the white paper Global Economies and Consumers in 2017. There are 8 points in the white paper closely related to China. We hope this can be helpful to your business development. China Pioneer Increase of Consumption Despite a slowing economy, Chinese consumers will continue to see one of the largest increases in spending, and […]


by March 17th, 2017

中国仍旧领头消费的增长 尽管经济形势低迷,中国的消费者继续保持着在发展中国家中的最高的消费增长。同时,发展中国家的消费增长同比是发达国家的消费增长的两倍。发展中的亚洲市场,比如中国、印度和东南亚,将会是增长的主要推动力,然而由于经济复苏的极大差异和持续的大宗商品的低价,其他地区的预期将会是不均衡的。 美国总统特朗普的对华贸易政策 在竞选过程中,特朗普就表示要对墨西哥和中国征收高达45%的进口关税,重新约定北美自由贸易协定,脱离跨太平洋合作伙伴关系,并扰乱美欧跨大西洋贸易和投资合作伙伴关系。 因此,特朗普的竞选胜利就增加了美国对外政治立场的不确定性,比如说与中国的贸易战,与墨西哥修建隔离墙,重新谈判多国协定和对欧盟的部分政策的态度。 中国的出口保持增长 中国的对外出口占到了GDP的18%左右。在2017年全球工业生产的主要趋势是产量加速,提升到了5%的年增长率。亚太保持在了增长的最前沿,预计占到了2017全球生产产量的40%。中国、印度和菲律宾的产量增加预计提升10%。从品类来说,医药和主要大宗商品,比如金属,肥料和油,将会成为全球的最高增长类别。 中国大城市人口增加居全球城市前列 在2016-2017年,上海以40万的人口增加量位居全球大城市人口增加的第二位。第一位是埃及的开罗。北京以约38万列为第五位,而广州也榜上有名。 过度的公司债务增加了压力 尽管最近中国政府出台了政策应对过高的债务水平,在2017年,高债务将在中国持续。中国私人非金融部门的债务对GDP的比重预计在2016年中期超过200%,比中国的GDP增长快了两倍。坏账是一个很特别的因素,增加了未来3年的银行危机的高风险。 中国有可能推进气候条约 由于新任美国总统特朗普表示想退出巴黎气候协议。这将会带来极大的退步。美国原先约定提供30亿美元用于帮助贫困国家建设环境友好的设施,但现在只是支付了5亿。恰恰相反,中国,却有可能更进一步,填补这一费用的空缺。 中国的服装在网上销量增长超过美国 欧睿预期在2017年的所有网络销售额中,服装和鞋类的销售额将会达到314亿美元。尽管在亚洲各国,网络销售额只占到了总销量的一小部分,在中国和韩国五分之一的服装和鞋类销售是在网上进行的。值得注意的是,中国的服装在网上销量增长超过美国。 中国教育行业的兴起 在2017年,达到中等教育的家庭在全球将达到10亿,这是人类历史上的最高值。更好的教育使得家庭提升了全球一些最活跃地区的消费。比如中国,越南和尼日利亚,新的中产阶级可以负担教育,伴随着需求的增长,教育市场将会繁荣。   了解更详尽的关于白皮书<2017年的全球经济和消费者>的内容,请点击以下按钮,并填写表格下载完整白皮书。如果需要咨询,请联系+86-021-60321088,或者邮箱。

Why Natural Resources Matter to your Business: Top 10 Resources for a Sustainability and Environmental Strategy

by March 9th, 2017

As consumer concern over the environment and the impact business and products continues to grow, so do ways that businesses must adapt to prove they are invested in the overall well-being of the environment. Market research can assist companies looking into sustainable business practices and provide insights on trends within the space. Beyond implementation of […]

The Connected Consumer Chat: Prospects for Proximity Payments

by and March 8th, 2017

  While there has been considerable chatter on the prospects of proximity payments, especially since the arrival of Android Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay beginning in 2014, this emerging payment type has not taken off at the pace many thought it might. In this video, Euromonitor International analysts around the globe offer their predictions […]

Hungary: A Return to Investment Grade Status Could Restore FDI Inflows

by March 4th, 2017

Hungary regained its investment grade status in 2016, which will result in a stable financing landscape for businesses operating in the country. As part of a struggle to reduce the budget deficit and dodge another International Monetary Fund (IMF) bailout, in 2014, the Hungarian government launched a new range of extraordinary taxes and surcharges on […]

Euromonitor to Speak at Sports Nutrition Online Summit 2017

by March 2nd, 2017

Event Name: Sports Nutrition Online Summit Topic: Innovation and Opportunity in Sports Nutrition Date: March 9, 2017 – 07:30 a.m. – 08:15 a.m. GMT Link to Event: Description: The European sports nutrition market is dynamic and diverse, but dominated by just a few countries. In this online conference we ask which regions will see […]