Click and Collect: What Restaurants Can Learn From Retailing’s Hottest Omnichannel Trend

by and January 29th, 2017

Click and collect has become a major trend in retailing, as operators seek to circumvent delivery costs and convert online purchases into brick-and-mortar visits. Meanwhile, restaurant chains are experimenting with maximising convenience and bringing on-demand immediacy into restaurants. In this podcast, Strategy Analyst Elizabeth Friend will interview Retailing Analyst Michelle Malison about what operators can […]

What Retailers Can Learn from Starbucks’ Successful Mobile Platform

by and November 29th, 2016

M-commerce is still relatively new, but it is a quickly growing channel. Retailers, especially those that are focused on achieving omnichannel proficiency, are looking to optimize the mobile shopping experience for their shoppers. Starbucks, a foodservice company, has been very successful in the M-commerce space. This podcast will discuss some key takeaways from the company’s […]

State of Consumer Foodservice in Brazil

by September 23rd, 2016

The Brazilian market has faced many challenges this year, including an incredibly difficult operating environment and low consumer confidence in the midst of recession. Despite this, and while nearly all categories record declining value in constant terms, 100% home delivery/takeaway and the larger online ordering and delivery segment have emerged as rare centres of growth, […]

Euromonitor to Speak at Fast Casual Executive Summit 2016

by September 17th, 2016

Name: Fast Casual Executive Summit Date: October 9-11 Location: Dana Point, CA Link:  Event Description: Now in its 11th year, the Fast Casual Executive Summit is a unique opportunity for everyone involved. Much more than “just another trade show,” it’s a chance for restaurant executives to get together in a casual work setting and […]

Premium Fountain Sodas Aim to Bring Back Customers to Carbonates

by and August 8th, 2016

Carbonates sales have been declining in many developed markets including the US, Germany, and Italy as consumers shift to healthier beverages. Yet demand for premium craft soda has been rising among millennials. The rise of premium soda has been occurring concurrently with the rise of fast casual restaurants that use higher quality ingredients. Fountain volume […]

Consumer Foodservice Outlets Continue Launching Mashup Snacks

by July 19th, 2016

Consumer Foodservice outlets are launching ‘mashup snacks’ at a high rate – such as the recently launched “mac and cheetos” from Burger King. Foodservice operators are willing to do almost anything to get customer’s attention, and are targeting the time outside of normal meal hours when launching these types of products. Additionally, operators are hoping […]

2016 New Concepts in Foodservice Contest Winners: Customisation, Technology, and New Experiences

by May 9th, 2016

As part of the 2016 edition of Euromonitor’s Consumer Foodservice Data, analysts in fifty-four countries were asked to submit the most interesting and most relevant new restaurant concepts in their market. While the entries demonstrated a wide range of global trends, from pop-up dining experiences to fusions of local and international cuisines, the winning entries […]

Pinpointing Growth for Away-From-Home Tissue using Consumer Foodservice Data

by and April 27th, 2016

When looking at away-from-home tissue products, developed markets do not offer much growth as many of the markets are already saturated. Manufacturers should be examining the growth of correlating industries to examine new areas for growth, especially in the consumer foodservice industry. Monitoring growth in the foodservice industry can give away-from-home tissue companies a better […]

What is our Consumer Foodservice Data Telling Us?

by April 11th, 2016

Euromonitor International recently launched new data for our Consumer Foodservice research database, and there are several key points emerging from the data. China is the fastest growing country for consumer foodservice in constant terms, with 9.5 percent growth in 2015. This reiterates China’s importance to the overall consumer foodservice industry, with growth rates there only […]