What does S&P’s Junk Status Mean for the Brazilian Economy?

by October 10th, 2015

Standard & Poor’s recently downgraded Brazil’s sovereign bonds to junk status as a result of the Brazilian government failing to reduce its budget deficit. As a result, the Brazilian Real fell sharply against the dollar and reduced the number of Brazilians travelling abroad. However, weaker currency means an benefit for inbound tourism and exports from […]

Q&A: The Impact of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Deal on USA and EU Business Environments

by August 24th, 2015

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a trade deal currently under negotiation between the EU and the USA, which could create the world’s biggest free trade zone, boosting trade between the two. It would do so by removing trade barriers between them and harmonising regulations. Exports from the USA to the EU-28 countries […]

The Impact of Automation and Offshoring on Global Employment

by July 11th, 2015

Listen as MP3 As education standards in emerging regions continue to rise and hourly wages remain low compared to developed markets, competition for employment is becoming increasingly global. In addition to this, technological advances in automation are eliminating the need for human labour in certain sectors. This podcast examines the effect of these employment trends […]

Lessons from Singapore, Unchanged as Doing Business Leader from 2006 to 2015

by July 2nd, 2015

While other countries have fluctuated in the World Bank’s Doing Business rankings, Singapore has remained at the top spot for nine years, with consistently high performing rankings in all of the sub-categories that comprise its overall Doing Business ranking. Its business friendly procedures mean that it has arguably the most competitive business environment in the […]

Brain Drain Between Developed Markets

by June 24th, 2015

Brain drain is when well-educated individuals emigrate from their home economies to places with better employment opportunities. This is commonly thought of as an emerging-market phenomenon, but it is increasingly common between developed markets as people move out of countries that are still struggling to recover from the economic crisis. Watch the video for complete […]

The Global Gender Gap

by May 15th, 2015

Listen as MP3 The “Gender Gap” is the gap between men and women in many areas including but not limited to education and income levels.  This disparity impacts consumer spending power and patterns in both developed and emerging economies. This podcast discusses the specific efforts being made toward gender equality in markets across the globe.