Income and Expenditure Mexico: Low Income Consumers Not to Be Overlooked

by November 28th, 2015

With an expanding middle class with rising disposable income and Latin America’s second largest consumer market (behind Brazil), Mexico offers a potentially significant market for international consumer goods companies, as highlighted by Euromonitor International’s Income and Expenditure Mexico Country Briefing. However, income inequality in the country is high and is expected to remain elevated in […]

Commodities Roundup: November 2015

by November 24th, 2015 In this edition of the commodities roundup, An Hodgson discusses the global energy market, metals and soft commodities. Energy Market Energy prices rose for the first time in five months in October, driven by high crude oil prices. On the other hand, natural gas and coal continue to decline in price in October. Oil […]

Top 3 Challenges in Reaching the Brazilian Consumer

by November 14th, 2015

Despite the fact that the Brazilian economy is mired in recession and the government in crisis, Brazil remains an attractive consumer market with Latin America’s highest level of total consumer expenditure and a burgeoning middle class. However, it can be challenging for companies to effectively reach the country’s 200+ million consumers and unlock the opportunities this […]

Commodities Roundup: October 2015

by November 7th, 2015

This podcast covers the commodities market for the month of September 2015. Decreased oil production in September of 2015 led to rising crude oil prices, but energy prices remain subdued for the month. Metal prices rose for the first time in four months because of higher prices of aluminum, copper and iron ore. In soft […]

Q&A: Understanding the ASEAN Consumer

by September 22nd, 2015

Our recent webinar on “Understanding the ASEAN Consumer” explored the diversities and similarities in consumer income and spending patterns across the ASEAN, with detailed examination of the four largest markets in terms of total consumer expenditure (Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia). The webinar went on to assess the key challenges and opportunities that these […]

Top 5 Emerging Markets with the Best Middle Class Potential

by September 20th, 2015

The rise of the middle class in emerging markets has captured the enthusiasm of global businesses, especially in the context of weak demand growth from developed economies. In targeting emerging middle class consumers, the most successful companies are those which can fully assess the middle class potential in prospective markets. For the long-term period through […]