Future of Logistics: Australian Logistics Industry to Cash in on Chinese Bauxite Demand Boom

by March 16th, 2017

The geographical mismatch between metal ore supply and demand countries is one of the key factors driving logistics industry growth globally. In 2016, Australia, the largest bauxite miner in the world, accounted for 31% of bauxite volume output, while the country was only the fifth largest producer of aluminium, accounting for 3% of aluminium global volume […]

Green Boom: Lithium will Inevitably Change Automotive and Oil Industries Globally

by February 12th, 2017

Lithium is going to change beyond recognition the automotive and refined petroleum product industries, which accounted for USD3.9 trillion and USD2.7 trillion turnover globally in 2016. The rise in energy efficient transportation is also affecting automotive producers, with electric vehicles remaining the hot topic of innovation. However, even though electric vehicles (EV) production soared by […]

Key Trends in Industry for 2016

by , , , , and April 19th, 2016

  This year, Euromonitor International is proud to announce global briefings as part of its Passport Industrial research database. The research includes nine industries such as pharmaceuticals, railways, banking and pesticides. In this video, our industrial team identifies key trends in their areas of research for 2016. Watch on YouTube

Lithuania Has Developed Perfect Conditions for Wind Energy Expansion

by October 29th, 2015

Lithuanian electricity interconnectors and accumulation capacity covers 260% of electricity peak load and is expected to reach 360% by 2020 in comparison to just 20% interconnection capacity of the French electricity grid or almost 100% of peak load in Denmark. The international electrical power connections of Lithuania create exceptional potential and promising conditions for renewable […]