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August 4, 2015

Cards & Payments Australia 2015 Recap


Cards & Payments Australia is the region’s largest and most established cards and payments event, bringing together leading global technology innovators with payment leaders to explore the changing face of payments. Currently in its 20th year, Cards & Payments Australia was held in Melbourne over 20th-21st May, 2015. Euromonitor International ANZ retailing analyst Julia Illera attended both days of the event, and reports back on its key technology, innovation and regulation findings, and assesses how they will impact on banks, retailers and their customers.

“Speed” and “real time” emerged as key themes for the event, with both concepts relating heavily to technological innovation and the New Payments Platform (NPP).

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July 29, 2015

Coffee a New Area of Focus for Australian Pubs

Julia-IlleraAnalyst Insight by Julia Illera - Research Analyst

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Once anathema to drinkers, useful only for its supposed – now thoroughly disproven – sobering abilities, coffee has long moved in different circles to pubs in Australia.

Given the cross-category competition rife within the foodservice industry – fast food positioning itself against restaurants through the premium fast casual trend, specialist coffee shops branching out into breakfast and unexpected foodservice players looking to take market share from bars and pubs by selling alcohol – it shouldn’t come as a surprise that pubs in Australia would be considering diversifying their menus and appeal by offering an in-house and/or takeaway coffee option.

Indeed the lines between pubs and cafés, and even pubs and restaurants, are blurring as Australian pubs are increasingly embracing high-quality menus with a gourmet-yet-casual “cheap eat” theme. This is not restricted to midday and evening dining either; however, the real stumbling block for pubs hoping to attract the morning trade is that the brew of choice for early risers these days is more likely to be coffee rather than beer or a Bloody Mary.

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July 18, 2015

Euromonitor to Speak at Australian Liquor Stores Association (ALSA) Conference 2015


Location: DoubleTree by Hilton, Darwin, Australia

Date: 23rd-26th August 2015

Event Description:  The ALSA National Conference is considered a must attend event for every facet of the Australian Retail Liquor Industry – liquor retailers, banner groups, wholesalers, suppliers, manufacturers and key liquor industry stakeholders. Guest speakers, including key business and liquor industry experts, will come together to share their knowledge and reveal strategies to help grow business and profits. The event also features forums to discuss current and future challenges facing the liquor industry in Australia.

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July 12, 2015

Euromonitor to Speak at HotelsWorld Australia New Zealand 2015

LOGO Hotels World 2015

Location: Sofitel Hotel, Sydney, Australia

Date: 27th-29th July 2015

Event Description: HotelsWorld comprises of three consecutive events over three days, including Hotels Investment World and Boutique & Lifestyle Hotels World. The theme of HotelsWorld 2015 is Think Global, Act Global...and Local as record numbers of inbound and outbound visitors to Australia and New Zealand take the region ever closer to regional and global markets, and as business and social networks break down geographic barriers for corporate and leisure travellers, both virtually and actually. Hoteliers everywhere are having to adapt daily, to meet guest needs in a world of change, and the event will cover this in its discussion of key issues, trends and opportunities in the world of hospitality.

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July 9, 2015

Euromonitor to Speak at QSR Media 2015 Conference


Location: Hilton Hotel, Sydney, Australia

Date: 22nd July 2015

Event Description: Organised by QSR Media magazine, the QSR Media Conference is now in its 2nd year. The event features highly targeted and relevant topics designed specifically for QSR executives, and is a highlight in the calendar of the Australian quick service and fast casual industry. The conference will cover leadership, the customer experience and exporting a QSR brand. Keynote speakers include: Senator Eric Abetz, Minister of Employment.

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June 24, 2015

Australian Consumers in 2020: A Look into the Future

Daphne KasrielAnalyst Insight by Daphne Kasriel-Alexander - Consumer Trends Consultant

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Australia has elevated itself on the global stage in the last two decades, thanks to a booming mining industry and an influx of economic migrants. However, the country is currently seeing a slowdown in all sectors, with its currency depreciating nearly 20% in just two years. Heading towards the end of this decade, what does the future look like for Australia


Not afraid to complain

According to the latest report released in December 2014 by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), over 7,000 individuals filed complaints and enquiries about small businesses and franchising in the second half of last year. Some complaints have even gone viral online, such as one mother’s complaint about a café which did not let her take her pram inside, and another who complained after being told to stop breastfeeding. In a separate report by Queensland University of Technology and University of Warwick published in the same period in the Journal of Marketing Management, one female participant was quoted as saying: “I believe that being forceful when complaining is effective because I think you need to be halfway between forceful and assertive”.  

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May 31, 2015

The Growth in Popularity of Craft Beer in New Zealand


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New Zealand consumers are turning away from regional and national mainstream beer brands in favor of craft and craft-positioned alternatives. Despite a flat beer market overall, craft brands both owned by major brewers and by microbreweries continue to see growth in the market. Listen to the podcast for complete insights.

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April 26, 2015

Anti-Allergens Nothing to Sneeze at in Australian Home Care

Lily-LamAnalyst Insight by Lily Lam - Research Analyst

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With approximately one in three Australians having an allergy in 2014, according to the National Asthma Council, Australia has one of the highest prevalence of allergies in the developed world. This proved fertile ground for home care manufacturers, with the major global players releasing a range of new anti-allergen products suitable for children and adults with skin sensitivities under the “sensitive” banner in Australia in 2014. In doing so, they are exploring a niche monopolised by locally produced eco-friendly brands.

Local players in a sensitive niche no longer

A relatively new entrant, Aware Environmental Ltd was formed by the merger of two green brands, Orange Power and Aware, with a vision to be Australia’s most ethical manufacturer of eco-friendly household consumer products by producing Australian-made accredited and endorsed products that help consumers to live a greener lifestyle. The company is an industry leader in producing environmentally responsible products that are formulated without the use of palm oil. All of the Aware products are endorsed by Planet Ark and the Aware Sensitive range is especially formulated to be free from ingredients that irritate the skin, such as optical brighteners, fragrances, dyes and enzymes, and is independently approved by the Asthma Council of Australia’s Sensitive Choice Program (marked with a blue butterfly). However, with a 0.3% share of the home care market in Australia in 2014, the company is not well positioned to take on the industry leaders Unilever, Procter & Gamble or Reckitt Benckiser as they launch hypoallergenic home care products into the mainstream.

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April 21, 2015

Consumer Foodservice in Australia Targets Pet Owners

Thomas writerAnalyst Insight by Thomas Writer - Research Analyst

It is well documented that Australians love their pets and that the bond between owner and pet is only growing stronger. The number of “pet-friendly” businesses such as cafés, hotels and even airlines is on the up, all catering to the ever-increasing willingness of consumers to humanise and indulge their pets. Australians spent A$3.5 million on their pets’ food, treats, litter, healthcare, dietary supplements, toys, homes and other accessories, which translates into A$146 spent per pet, up 19% from five years ago. A total of 39% of Australian households owned a dog in 2014, with 29% owning a cat.

While there has always been potential for foodservice operators to incorporate a pet-friendly theme at their outlets, with dog drinks served at dog cafés like Sydney’s Café Bones or websites such as doggydining.com.au helping dog owners find eateries that are pet-friendly for example, there is certainly ample opportunity for enterprising foodservice ventures keen to get their paws on the pet-loving market.

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March 24, 2015

E-Commerce in China Could Boom after New Zealand Infant Formula Poison Threat

Lianne van den BosAnalyst Insight by Lianne van den Bos - Food Analyst

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Over the last few years Internet retailing for baby food has soared in China after several baby food scares caused parents to turn to the online channel to order “trusted” European brands that were sold out in-store. One of the latest threats in New Zealand could boost Internet retailing even more.

photo online sales_small.jpg

New Zealand’s largest dairy producer, Fonterra, as well as Federated Farmers, are making efforts to reassure consumers that their products are safe after a blackmail threat was received to poison both companies’ infant formula. The letters threatened to contaminate infant formula with a poison known as 1080, used in pest control, as a protest to stop the country from using it. Biodegradable 1080 poison is the only toxin currently registered for use on mainland New Zealand as suitable for aerial targeting of possums - a major conservation and agricultural pest.

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