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August 1, 2015

Pet Care in Japan

Urbanization in Japan is driving changes in pet ownership trends. Dog ownership is decreasing as cats are better suited to the demands of small apartments and busy consumer lives. This video discusses how pet products are responding to this evolving market. Watch for complete insights.

Video features Mariko Takemura - Senior Research Analyst

Digital Trends: The World's Largest and Fastest Growing Internet Markets


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The top 10 fastest growing internet markets in 2014 were all emerging markets. Specifically, Asian and African economies tend to dominate this list. Ethiopia currently tops the list with 25% internet user growth in 2014. This podcast discusses these fast-growth markets as well as the markets which are already well-established with extensive internet networks and large online populations.  Listen for complete insights.

Pavel_MarceuxPodcast features Pavel Marceux - Technology, Communications and Media Analyst

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July 31, 2015

The Childrenswear Market in India

India has the fastest growing childrenswear market, registering 21% growth in 2014. In India, parents are choosing to spend more on their children's clothing, and this means spending on branded products. Many international companies are entering the Indian market such as Zara, Marks and Spencer and Armani Jr., although the market is still considered untapped.

Shreyansh-KocheriVideo features Shreyansh Kocheri - Research Analyst

July 29, 2015

Special Report: El Niño in 2015 Can Have Significant Effects on Economies and Markets

An HodgsonAnalyst Insight by An Hodgson - Industry, Infrastructure and Environment Manager

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The effects of El Niño, a climatic phenomenon that can disrupt weather patterns, have been seen in parts of the world since 2015, impacting economies, markets and consumers. While some countries in Asia Pacific and other regions can experience poor harvests due to dryness and heatwaves, the USA can benefit from El Niño owing to more rainfall and warmer winters. Reduced crop output can result in food price hikes, triggering inflation and higher costs for countries that rely on imported food.

Key points

  • El Niño is a phenomenon that occurs irregularly in the tropical Pacific Ocean every two to seven years and affects weather all around the world. Scientist have confirmed the arrival of an El Niño event in March 2015 and warned that its effects could last until the end of the year; 
  • The El Niño in 2015 is likely to bring reduced rainfall and dryness in Southeast Asia, Australia, India and West Africa, affecting production of major crops in these countries. Agriculture plays an important role in many economies including Vietnam, Indonesia, India and the Philippines. In 2014, gross value added (GVA) from agriculture, hunting, forestry and fishing accounted for 14.3% of Indonesia’s total GVA. Meanwhile, El Niño weather shock can actually benefit the USA as it helps to reduce drought in California, diminish tornadic activity and hurricanes, and bring warmer winters; 

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July 28, 2015

in-cosmetics Indonesia Roadshow 2015


Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Date: 27 August, 2015

Event Description:  Euromonitor International is pleased to partner with and speak at the in-cosmetics Indonesia Roadshow. Offering a free taste of the in-cosmetics Asia exhibition, this Jakarta-based Roadshow will feature a full day of educational sessions for the cosmetics formulation market, and ingredients suppliers will showcase their latest products at small stalls. The Roadshow is aimed at cosmetic manufacturers involved in R&D, testing, new product development, marketing and regulations with a keen interest in the technical and scientific aspects of personal care product formulation.

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July 26, 2015

High Protein Products in Asia


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High-protein packaged food products have taken developed markets by storm. This podcast discusses recent product launches, ingredients, micronutrients and consumer diet trends. Listen for complete insights.

Yulia FranciscaPodcast features Yulia Francisca - Senior Research Analyst



July 25, 2015

Nepal’s Tourism Shaken by Natural Calamity

Shreyansh-KocheriAnalyst Insight by Shreyansh Kocheri - Research Analyst

Just as Nepal was recovering from a decade long political uncertainty, the country was hit by an earthquake of magnitude 7.9Mw in April 2015, with aftershocks being felt even in May. In the short term, various tourism segments will be negatively impacted by this; however it is expected that Nepal’s inbound arrivals will bounce back by the end of 2016.

Tourism a key contributor to the Nepalese economy

 The Nepalese economy witnessed its strongest real GDP growth of 5.5% in 2014 due to a rebound in agriculture and increased domestic demand. Tourism is an important industry for Nepal’s economy and is also one of the key sources of foreign exchange and revenue. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), the total direct contribution of travel and tourism to Nepal’s GDP was NPR75.6 billion, contributing 4.2% of the whole economy GDP in 2014.

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July 24, 2015

Asia-Pacific Retail Scoreboard: Key Findings

Euromonitor International is pleased to once again partner with Retail Asia as the official information provider for the 12th edition of the Retail Asia-Pacific Top 500 rankings. In 2014, the leading 500 retailers in Asia Pacific had sales of US$1.1 trillion, an increase of 2%. The rise of the Chinese retail market has led to Chinese companies to dominate the list, accounting for 32% of the ranking. In absolute terms, five of the top ten fastest growing companies in absolute terms were Chinese hypermarkets. However, Japanese companies are still significant because they operate in a consolidated market and have expanded to many countries within the region.


7-Eleven Japan retains the top spot on the ranking of Asia Pacific’s top 500 retailers, which was published in conjunction by Euromonitor International and Retail Asia. 7-Eleven’s success is due to its widespread store network. China Resources Enterprise Ltd moved up the most on the ranking, climbing seven spots to reach 24th place in 2014. Its multi-format strategy, with its brands in convenience stores, drugstores, supermarkets and hypermarkets, enabled it to grow quickly.

July 23, 2015

Super Premium Consumer Foodservice Chains Expanding into Japan


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Super premium foodservice operators, which include coffee shops and bakery cafes, are expanding internationally and looking to Japan to take that first step. Many of these operators are creating an artisanal spin on concepts that are tried and true, and Japan is a natural step in their business plans. The country has been offering expertly crafted food and beverages at low prices for years, including noodle shops, bars, and other traditional formats. This makes premium concepts an easier sell for consumers in the country.

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July 22, 2015

Key Findings from the 2015 Retail Asia-Pacific Top 500

In 2015, Asia Pacific became the global leader in online and mobile commerce. This video outlines which companies and retailing formats thrive in Asian markets and discusses consumer trends driving this growth. Watch for complete insights.

Download your copy of the Top 40 retailers in Asia Pacific


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