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October 24, 2014

Pepsi to Partner with SodaStream on Limited Launch

JonasFelicianoAnalyst Insight by Jonas Feliciano - Senior Beverages Analyst

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As first reported in Beverage Digest and later by Business Insider, both PepsiCo and SodaStream have announced a limited test launch of Pepsi branded products on the SodaStream platform.

In its report, Beverage Digest, citing a source, said the Sodastream test using Pepsi products would involve "major SodaStream customers Wal-Mart and Bed Bath & Beyond" in some Florida markets.

The test, which will be a 10-week test selling some Pepsi-branded products, will involve "naturally sweetened" brands not sold at retail: "Pepsi Homemade" and "Sierra Mist Homemade," Beverage Digest said. 

Beverage Digest reports that the actual flavors will be: Pepsi Homemade, Pepsi Homemade Vanilla, Pepsi Homemade Wild Cherry, Sierra Mist Homemade, Sierra Mist Homemade Peach, and Sierra Mist Homemade Cranberry.

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Ready for Rio? How brands can reach the two Brazils

BE8B73197D324DDBA30257F791D94536.ashxReblogged from David Fuller's original article in Sports Business Daily

With Brazil’s presidential race heading toward a runoff election later this month, Rio 2016 has taken a back seat in Brazil to issues of politics and economics. There is also a stark contrast between the excitement of Brazil hosting two global sporting events back-to-back and the current economic climate. But no matter the issues of today, one thing is for certain: The Olympic cauldron will be lit on Aug. 5, 2016.

This raises the question: What will be the long-term impact of hosting this year’s FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games — for brands, for citizens and for the Brazilian economy?
With much of the world’s focus fixated on Brazil, GlideSlope sought to better understand the perceptions and influence of the recent World Cup on the upcoming Olympics. More specifically, we wanted to learn what effect Brazil’s hosting of these events has on the Brazilian business community and the extent to which the World Cup is a predictor of how businesses in Brazil may engage with the 2016 Olympic Games.

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Join Euromonitor and World Travel Market for a Twitter Chat

WTM-HeaderPlease join our Travel and Tourism Analysts for a Twitter Chat from 9:30 to 10:30 am CDT on Monday, November 10th as we discuss the trends outlined in the 2014 WTM Global Trends Report. You can also follow the conversation via the #WTMEMI hashtag

  • Identify key trends set to shape the travel industry in seven regions: the Americas, the UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, India 

  • Discover the latest dynamics in travel technology

  • Gain insight into to the size and shape of travel
    and tourism

  • Learn about pressing industry issues, emerging brands, destinations, demographics, growth categories and consumer trends

Participating Twitter Handles: @euromonitor, @WTM_London, @CarolineBremner, @ViolettaScolaEM, @EMI_MichelleG, @Angelo_Rossini, @PopovaNadia2

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Petfood 2.0: Pet Humanisation Moves Down the Supply Chain

JaredKoertenAnalyst Insight by Jared Koerten – Senior Research Analyst

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The concept of pet humanisation is not new, and its effects on pet food aisles in the US have been evident to even the most casual observer. Pet food labelled as “natural” or “grain-free” increasingly command larger portions of shelf space, and buzzwords like “superfoods”, “high protein”, or “freshly made” have migrated into pet food. Sales of premium pet food have significantly outpaced other price tiers and average unit prices have risen alongside consumer demand for higher-quality food for their pets. As consumers are increasingly concerned with eating a healthier diet as part of their own wellness regimen, they are looking to mirror these choices in the food they are choosing for their pets.

While the effects of pet humanisation have been most evident among consumers and the retail side of the market, the longevity of this trend is now making serious ripples across all levels of the pet food supply chain. This was a clear theme that emerged at the Petfood 2.0 conference in Chicago on 23-24 September 2014. A series of insightful speakers explored how various parts of the pet food supply chain are facing important new challenges in the face of pet humanisation and a consumer base that is more educated and discerning than ever before. 

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Luxury Goods in France: Key Trends and Industry Overview

Fflur_RobertsAnalyst Insight by Fflur Roberts - Luxury Goods Analyst

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Despite France’s venerable position on the global luxury and fashion scene, the French luxury market has not escaped the country’s poor macroeconomic environment.

According to Euromonitor International’s latest research, luxury sales in France reached just under €18 billion in 2014, making it the third biggest market in the world, behind the US and Japan, but, with a regional value share of 21%, France comes out top, ahead of neighbouring Italy and the UK.

Much in line with comparable global figures, designer clothing and footwear accounts for the lion’s share of luxury value sales in France, at 46% in 2014. However, its growth is dwarfed by that of the second largest category, luxury accessories, which grew by 43% in value in the five years to 2014, making it the most dynamic category overall.

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October 22, 2014

Apple Earnings Review: iPhone’s Stellar Performance

Weeteck_looAnalyst Insight by Wee Tek Loo - Head of Consumer Electronics Research

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Apple Inc has announced the financial results for its fourth quarter (ending 27 September 2014), where the company posted quarterly revenue of US$42.1 billion and net profit of US$8.5 billion. Apple also provided a bullish guidance for its fiscal 2015 first quarter results.

iPhone - stellar performance amidst China’s woes

In this quarter, Apple reported that it sold 39.3 million iPhones, of which 10 million were new iPhone 6 phones, sold in the first three days of sales.  Euromonitor International expects the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus phones to propel the company’s sales to more than 181 million units in 2015, a staggering 9% growth over 2014.

China is the world’s largest smartphone market, with close to 30% of all smartphone global sales in 2014 coming from the Middle Kingdom. Critically, China Mobile, the world’s largest telco, is selling iPhones to its 288 million mobile subscribers, of which 41 million are on the high speed 4G. That said, Apple faces an uphill battle in China with local manufacturers like Lenovo, ZTE and XiaoMi and Apple’s global foe, Samsung currently dominating. China remains a key market to help drive future growth for Apple, with sales of its iPhone range expected to exceed 20 million units in 2015 and in particular, where demand for larger screens phones is rising fast.

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October 21, 2014

Top 5 Fastest Growing Consumer Markets in 2014

An HodgsonAnalyst Insight by An Hodgson - Income and Expenditure Manager

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A comparison of all consumer markets in terms of their expected consumer expenditure annual real growth in 2014 reveals some interesting fast-growing markets that are not among the usual major emerging markets (such as the BRICS and the MINT). Of the top five fastest growing consumer markets of 2014, Malawi and Sierra Leone are somewhat surprising entrants while Turkmenistan and Saudi Arabia are fast-growing markets with sound fundamentals that can offer significant opportunities for consumer goods companies. Mongolia is also a market with promising prospects, but its small population restricts meaningful market expansion.

Top Five Fastest Growing Consumer Markets: 2014

Source: Euromonitor International from national statistics/Eurostat/UN/OECD

Note: Data are forecasts 

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Key Takeaways from SupplySide West 2014

ChrisSchmidtAnalyst Insight by Chris Schmidt - Consumer Health Analyst

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During the week of 6 October 2014 Euromonitor presented at SupplySide West, one of the nutrition industry’s most important global gatherings. This year’s exposition brought together more than 1,700 of the health ingredient industry’s leading companies, including formulators, manufacturers, laboratory experts and finished product producers. Euromonitor’s Consumer Health Analyst Chris Schmidt and Head of Health and Wellness Ewa Hudson delivered insights into sports nutrition and energy drinks, respectively. As in years past, SupplySide West provided a comprehensive overview of the industry’s most important trends and developments, including the product and market developments, new technologies and regulatory changes that are likely to drive the industry moving forward.

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October 20, 2014

WTM Global Trends Report by Euromonitor Predicts Future Trends


The WTM Global Trends Report, produced by Euromonitor International in exclusive for WTM, has been at the forefront of accurately predicting major travel trends around the world since its launch in 2006, looking at how the travel industry is developing in a rapidly changing landscape.


The WTM Global Trends Report 2014 by Euromonitor International will be launched at London’s Excel Centre during a press conference on Monday 3rd November at 13:00 in the Platinum Suite 5&6. A session for WTM attendees will be held on Tuesday 4th November at 15:30 in Platinum Suite 1. 

Pre-register to receive the WTM Global Trends Report 2014 today!


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Emerging Markets are not Shorthand for Doom or Boon


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It’s dangerous to group all emerging markets into one convenient basket, even within a region their prospects vary dramatically. Not all are suffering from a slump, but equally not all are dynamic, fast-growing economies. In a time of heightened geopolitical tensions, and with risks to the global economy seeming to increase on a daily basis, the devil is in the detail.


Bright stars include smaller emerging markets such as Turkmenistan, Laos, Rwanda and Cambodia. India is also seeing something of a turnaround with growth expected to come in at 5.4% in 2014 and 6.7% in 2015 supported by an upturn in business confidence following the general election, lower commodity prices and policy reform. Bangladesh and Nigeria are also expected to put in strong performances.

Real GDP Growth in Selected Emerging Markets: 2014-2030


Source: Euromonitor International from national statistics/Eurostat/OECD/UN/IMF

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