Ikea Experimenting with Outlets

May 16th, 2017


This video is part of Euromonitor International’s New in Retail series that showcases some of the most interesting retailing concepts from 2016. Since opening its first store in the small Swedish town of Älmhult almost 60 years ago, IKEA’s retail concept has been closely associated with big-box out of town outlets. IKEA’s concept has been closely aligned with the car, used by customers to take home their furniture. However, this is beginning change as the flat-pack furniture giant is beginning to try out new concepts both big and small.

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Alexander Göransson

Alexander Göransson is a Lead Analyst at Euromonitor International, where he has accumulated 15 years experience of Business Intelligence. During this period he has gained experience analysing a wide range of in consumer products and European markets from both the London and Vilnius offices, before specialising in services & payment industries including retailing in Western Europe. Professional interests include consumer behaviour with particular regard to Services and Payments, and how this differs across European markets as well as exploring new trends and product developments.

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