Nigeria Households: Rapid Urbanisation Drives Single-Person Homes

March 12th, 2017

Nigerian households are experiencing some of the fastest urbanisation rates in the world, as workers are flocking to expanding first- and second-tier cities across the country. This is creating a large and growing number of single-person households, largely inhabited by males. However, many Nigerian homes are also extremely crowded, as large families squeeze into small housing units. Room sizes per household are typically low in number, while persons per household are usually six or more.

Average Household size in Nigeria in 2015 was 4.8 overall, 4.6 urban and 4.9 rural. By 2030, urban households will overtake rural households. In 2030, the majority of homes in Nigeria will by 2 rooms and the majority of households will consist of 6 or more people.

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Pavel Marceux

Using expertise built up across a variety of consumer segments, including digital services, appliances and sustainability, Pavel guides the Households page to analyze the latest trends and opportunities in the home space. From smart home tech to family demographics and dwelling types, Pavel brings to life the issues that impact brands and governments worldwide.

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