Fashion Friday: Navigating the Latest Shifts in the Eyewear Landscape

March 3rd, 2017

The competitive landscape of the eyewear industry is undergoing a string of changes. The merger of two eyewear giants, Essilor and Luxottica, will create an industry behemoth that may prove either boon or bane to smaller players. Meanwhile, there is reassessment of corporate strategy in the eyewear licensing business as luxury conglomerate LVMH follows in the footsteps of rival Kering. In this podcast, we assess the winners, losers, white spaces, and challenges created in these latest shifts.

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Adeline Ho

Adeline Ho is an Industry Research Associate at Euromonitor International. She holds a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Marketing, and has keen interest in investigating the crossroads between the two: consumer behaviour and purchase decision-making. Her applied research interests encompass inter-industry analytical evaluation of competitive strategy, product innovation and consumer adoption in the technology and fashion space.