Introducing the Income and Wealth Distribution Model

July 25th, 2016


The Income and Wealth Distribution Model is an interactive visual tool showcasing disposable income, net wealth and joint income-wealth across 50 countries. This innovative model provides a complete view of the personal economic resources to finance consumption, giving insight on consumer behaviour and purchasing decisions.

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Aleksej Baksajev

Aleksej Baksajev focuses on modelling demand for various fast moving consumer goods and distribution of income by age and internet technology penetration worldwide. His areas of expertise include structural macro-economic models, Bayesian methods, modelling non-linear markets, technology diffusions processes, income and wealth distribution and demographic and household penetration models. Aleksej graduated magna cum laude from Moscow Lomonosov University with a Master of Science in Theory of Probability and Statistics and received a Ph.D. in statistics from Vilnius University.

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