Air Cushions Taking the Color Cosmetics Market in Korea by Storm

April 5th, 2014

The Air Cushion is a liquid foundation soaked in a sponge featuring a makeup base, sun protection and skin moisturizer all in one. Originally developed by Iope, the product has taken the cosmetics world in South Korea by storm, driving the sales value of color cosmetics up by 11 percent in 2013. Air Cushion products sit light on the skin, which is especially important in the hot Korean sun. Other companies such as LG Household and Healthcare are developing their own air cushion products to capitalize on the trend, and Iope recently launched a men’s version of the product catering to the fast growing men’s cosmetics market. As the trend grows, Euromonitor expects the product to start reaching overseas into Singapore and Hong Kong.

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Minji Kim

Minji Kim is the Senior Analyst of Beauty and Fashion industry at Euromonitor International. As part of her role, she drove the South Korea research programme and has moved to a regional role, managing a team of analysts specialized in beauty and fashion industries. Minji is also keen in consumer behaviour and FMCG industries marketing strategies through social media.

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