Catering to Local Preferences and Smaller Cities in Beauty and Personal Care

March 6th, 2014

Euromonitor International is pleased to once again be presenting at in-cosmetics in Hamburg, Germany. Irina Barbalova, Global Head of Beauty and Personal Care Research at Euromonitor, offers a preview of her discussion on the multifaceted evolution of beauty. Brazil and China, typically two strong performing countries in terms of beauty and personal care, have been lackluster as of late in their performance and 2014 will be a year of streamlining product portfolios and tailoring to local preferences.

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Irina Barbalova

Irina drives the quality and evolution of Euromonitor’s Beauty Industry research. As a Global Lead of the industry, she focuses on developing expertise and thought leadership through strong commercial engagement and strategy support across the business. Irina has a high-profile record in the industry and is a regular speaker at leading events and forums.

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