Educating Thai Men on Skin Care is Key to Growth

January 17th, 2014

The men’s skin care market in Thailand continues to grow, with international brands such as L’Oreal and Beiersdorf entering the market and local brands launching products targeting male consumers. However many men in the country remain uneducated about male skin care products and are still using either women’s or unisex products. As a result, male beauty bloggers are rising in popularity in the country, educating Thai men about skin care and color cosmetics. Educated Thai men will drive the men’s skin care market to continued double digit growth into 2014.

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Warangkana Anuwong

Warangkana Anuwong is Country Research Manager at Euromonitor International. She oversees the beauty and fashion & home and tech industries research of nine countries in Asia Pacific coverage. She holds the Bachelor Degree of Mathematic Education and Master Degree of English from Chiang Mai University, Thailand.  

  • Dr Tocquer

    Dear Khun Anuwong
    I am a Professor in Thailand teaching Strategic Brand Management at Master level. I would like to write a short case on the topic: Building a mens’skin care brand in Thailand but not about L’Oreal or Nivea which have a existing strong portfolio but for a new entant.
    I would appreciate if you could suggest me some interesting case to explore. It should be a new brand. I am interested by Japanese r KOrean brands but they are not strong on this market.
    Best regards

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