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October 28, 2013

New Global Consumer Trends Survey Released

Global-Consumer-Trends-Survey-Extract-CoverToday we released the results from our 2013 Global Consumer Trends Survey, which tracks changes in key areas of consumer life, including:

-Buying Decisions

-Food Preferences

-‘Green’ Influences

-Healthy Living

-Meal Preparation

-Shopping & Leisure

-Spending Priorities

-Personal Traits

-Technology Activities

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The Start of a Passing Fad or the Beginning of a New Normal?

Technological advancements, new product innovations, and even demographic shifts can have a dramatic impact on consumer attitudes and behaviours around the world. Which consumer habits and beliefs are most malleable in this new era of hyper-connectivity and rising incomes? 

With this latest installment of global consumer survey responses, Euromonitor explores pressing issues in the ongoing confrontation between access to new resources and commitment to ingrained habits, attitudes, and cultural traditions.  For instance:

  • Online and mobile shopping continues to gain traction among consumers; over 80% of respondents have now purchased apparel, shoes, or consumer electronics online at least once, and often more frequently.
    • What does e-commerce – in combination with the growth of new mobile technologies and digital marketing channels – mean for technology-fueled innovations in consumer shopping?
  • Consumers want to cut back on spending, but not by buying fewer items: only 11% say they plan to reduce the products and services they purchase. Instead, discount stores and deal-seeking will become more popular.
    • Does this mean quantity matters more than quality, for everyone?  How are the interrelated concepts of ‘value’ and ‘quality’ evolving as markets develop?
  • Respondents pay the most attention to environmentally or ethically conscious traits when considering products they are going to personally apply, eat, drink, or otherwise touch.
    • Given this personal focus, should companies look to product features, whole product categories, or specific buyers like mothers to drive changes in eco-consciousness?

The Global Consumer Trends survey data and new dashboard visualisations enable in-depth exploration of consumer market segments, whether Millennials around the world, the middle class in Brazil, or even households with children in the US.  Other analysis is also available, including the companion Global Consumer Trends summary report which identifies and interprets global trends in all areas of consumer life and discusses implications for multinational business. 

Companies with a better understanding of consumer segments’ habits and preferences will position themselves ahead of competitors in the ever-changing global marketplace. 

More on the Global Consumer Trends Survey

Initiated in 2011, the Global Consumer Trends survey regularly reaches out to over 16,000 internet-connected consumers in 9 major developed and emerging markets:  Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Russia, the UK and the US.  Respondents range in age from 15 to 65+ and country samples are selected so as to resemble their larger populations. 

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Complete access to the 2013 Global Consumer Trends results is available at http://www.euromonitor.com/global-consumer-trends-summary-of-2013-survey-results/report

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