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Mild Surfactants Offer Stronger Growth Opportunities for Specialist Suppliers

October 11th, 2013
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Helen ReavellAnalyst Insight by Helen Reavell – Contributing Analyst.

Within beauty and personal care, total surfactants is forecast to
record only modest volume growth at a 2% CAGR over 2012-2017. However,
within the category, amphoteric surfactants are forecast to record
stronger growth at a 4% CAGR. This is not only being driven by growing
demand for key applications such as bath and shower and hair care, but
also the increased demand for milder surfactants.

This key characteristic of amphoteric surfactants means they are
particularly suited to use in baby and child-specific formulations.
Given the growth in baby and child-specific products – global sales of
baby and child-specific products were valued at US$14.2 billion in 2012
and are forecast to see a CAGR of 4% in constant value terms over
2012-2017 – this is a strong and profitable category for specialist
ingredients suppliers to target. However, suppliers of mild surfactants
have a much wider potential market outside of baby and child-specific
products. More mild formulations are being used across the wider beauty
and personal care market, such as in shampoo and body wash. And, not
only is there a large and growing market for mild formulations, but, as
specialist ingredients, they can also be more profitable than standard
primary surfactants. Mild surfactants should therefore be an area of
focus for innovation, in a category that has become rather staid in
terms of new product development in recent years.

Euromonitor International’s Global Trends in Beauty and Personal Care Surfactants discusses these trends and issues, as well as highlights other areas of opportunities in the surfactants market.

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