Euromonitor International Releases State-Level US Data

January 28th, 2013

Introducing-State-Level-Data-by-EuromonitorWe are pleased to announce the
addition of United States regional and state-level data and analysis to its Passport
market research database, identifying unique differences within the world’s
largest economy.

US market is diverse and trends can vary significantly by state and region. For
example, popular brands in the Southern region may not be well received in the
Pacific,” said US Research Analyst, Jared Koerten. “This data allows users to
identify regional trends, making it easier to develop existing products in new
regions and enhance their chances of success.” 

new data covers 22 of the largest states, equaling 80 percent of the US
population, and helps retailers and brands target specific regions or states
with potential growth opportunities. 

Regional-level reports and breaking news articles will
help better understand trends and socioeconomic conditions in each region as
they are happening.  

domestic businesses gain an obvious advantage from using regional data, international
companies also benefit by finding potential opportunities for new business
growth within a niche market in the US,” Koerten said.

facts from Euromonitor’s new state-level data:

  1. One-fifth
    of all bottled water sold in the US is in California.
  2. More
    than 53 percent of variety stores in the US are located in the South.
  3. Per
    capita disposable income in the Northeast is 15 percent higher than the
    national average.
  4. The
    average consumer in Ohio spends nearly US$200 per year at discounters like
    Save-A-Lot and Aldi – nearly three times the national average.
  5. Walgreen
    Co, the national leader in drugstores with an outlet share of over 26 percent
    in 2012, trails both rivals CVS Caremark Corp and Rite Aid Corp in the
  6. With
    per capita disposable income of $28,300 per year, Mississippi was the country’s
    poorest state in 2012.
  7. The
    average consumer in the Midwest purchases more than 200 litres of carbonates
    every year.
  8. The
    population in Arizona is projected to grow faster than any other state – growing
    more than 15 percent by 2020.
  9. Per
    capita coffee consumption in the Northeast is nearly 12 percent higher than the
    national average.
  10. Were
    it an independent country, California would rank just behind Canada as the
    world’s 12th largest retailing market, with total retail sales of nearly US$307
    billion in 2012.
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Lydia Gordon

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