Webinar Recording: Best in Show – Winning Strategies in An Increasingly Globalised Pet Care Market

September 12th, 2012


While national economies around the world continue to face uncertainty and the UK has fallen into a double dip recession, the global pet care industry continues to show its resilience and dynamism. With pet parents driving humanisation to new levels by treating and pampering their pets, the post-recession consumer has also changed the way that they perceive and purchases products.

In its latest webinar, Euromonitor International will look at the continued development of the pet care industry around the world, with a focus on emerging geographic markets and product categories. Leading trends and successful new product launches will also be reviewed and discussed. For example, the Internet, one of the fastest growing retail channels for the pet care industry, will be further analysed in order to highlight new competitive developments and strategies.

Key facts:

  • Argentina leads the world when it comes to retail value growth for pet healthcare
  • Venezuela and Argentina post the highest retail value growth rates for cat food
  • Eastern Europe is currently the fastest growing regional market for pet food.
  • Cat treats have realised the highest retail volume growth at world level

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