Sony buys cloud-based gaming service Gaikai

August 7th, 2012

Sony has purchased Gaikai, a cloud based gaming service allowing users to play PC and console games via the cloud. Giedrius Daujotas, toys and games industry analyst at Euromonitor, believes Sony will take advantage of Gaikai by putting it to use via the Playstation console, allowing gamers to download trial versions of certain video games. Other applications include television hardware, where Gaikai could provide streaming content directly to a television set.

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Giedrius Daujotas

Giedrius is the Analytics Manager at Euromonitor International. He focuses on the development of analytics tools to extract insight from Euromonitor’s vast information datasets in industry research and economies & consumers. Giedrius's current main interests are in mergers and acquisitions and company analysis, and he presented at the Society for Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals “Game Changers” conference in Madrid. Giedrius holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Management Information Systems from Drexel University, USA.